Crystal Therapy Workshops

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Crystals are beautiful rocks of the earth that draw us in with their beauty and subtle energies, which we respond to deep in our souls. In learning about Crystals, this isn't about reading a book or healing others, it's also about you. Learning Crystal Therapy is a journey, much like any energy healing modality is. It is highly intuitive work, which I specialise in guiding you through from beginning to end, to bring out the natural power within you to heal yourself and others.
In these accredited Crystal Therapy Workshop certification courses, there are 3 levels available

  1. Level 1 - General Interest
  2. Level 2 - Crystal Therapy Practitioner
  3. Level 3 - Crystal Therapy Master Teacher

These courses cover a broad range of Crystal Therapy treatments, crystal knowledge highly focused on the healing room setting and your intuitive ability. You will learn how to utilise healing crystals in a powerful way, and the actual power of energy healing using crystals as your tool.

The Crystal Therapy workshops are held at Jayde Rockwell Spiritual Development, in Butler Perth.

This is an approved modality, with IICT and as such we are an Approved Training Provider for these courses.

Read more about each level here

IICT Approved Training Provider

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