Reiki Practitioner


Reiki Practitioner Refresher

Are you feeling a little rusty?

Forgotten your symbols - how to draw, pronounce and use them?

Haven't practiced in some time?

Wanting to get back into Reiki?

Feeling a little unsure about the training you received?

Have doubts about Reiki or your ability to channel?

Just want a quick refresher?

Looking to register for Reiki 3, with Michelle at Jayde Rockwell Spiritual Development?


In this 2 hour class we'll identify any gaps in your training. Answer any questions you might have and do a run-through on what you should have learnt in your Reiki 2 workshop. This course will also give you the opportunity to meet with like-minded souls, and practice your skill.


NOTE: This is not a Reiki 2 workshop. If you are looking to learn Reiki 2 see here. You are required to have completed your Reiki 2 (whether with Michelle or another Reiki Master). A copy of your certificate and lineage will be required as proof of this, prior to registration.

A word about attunements!

You only need 1 attunement (or some of you may have received a series of 4, if you've been attuned by some Reiki Masters - both are accepted) in order to channel Reiki. Any additional attunements (healing attunements) at this level, may enhance your previous attunement but you do not have to have more, unless you wish to do so.

That being said, if you would like a healing attunement, at this workshop, an additional fee will be required. See below for more details. All Healing Attunements will be conducted by Reiki Master/Teacher Michelle McIntyre.

These workshops are held monthly (on both a week and weekend day)

See our EVENTS CALENDAR for details of the next available workshops.

Energy Exchange

Workshop ONLY:

Usual Price: $88

[wpecpp name="Prac Refresh ONLY usual" price="88.00" align="center"]

Early Bird: $77 (NOTE: You must book and pay a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the scheduled workshop for this price to apply).

[wpecpp name="Prac Refresh ONLY EBIRD" price="77" align="center"]

Healing Attunement and Workshop:

If you'd like a Healing Attunement please choose this option and allow an additional half hour after the workshop to receive it.

Usual Price: $154

[wpecpp name="Prac Refresh & HA Usual" price="154.00" align="center"]

Early Bird: $144 (NOTE: You must book and pay a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the scheduled workshop for this price to apply).

[wpecpp name="Prac refresh & HA EBIRD" price="144.00" align="center"]

NOTE: If booking with a Reiki 3 workshop, see the special price on the Reiki 3 page.


 Professional Practitioner - For the Practitioner that is wanting to set up to practice professionally. For more details click here.

Reiki Master Workshop - For the Reiki Practitioner looking to take the next step in their Reiki Journey. More details here.

Mentoring Sessions - Looking for a Mentor to assist you on your journey. We have individual and package sessions available. More details coming soon. Email Michelle at in the interim.

Reiki Toolkit - Professional development - For the Practitioner or Master that would like to add some non-traditional symbols to their toolkit. Want more info? See here.

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