Spiritual Development


This General Interest, Spiritual Development Course (self-paced) gives you the opportunity to enhance your spiritual journey. This is your journey and the course content is designed to introduce you to a variety of different common spiritual topics so you may choose what feels right for yourself, and leave the rest.
Everybody has spiritual gifts within them just waiting to be awakened and used to help you grow, heal yourself, others and Mother Earth.





Cost: $95

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Once payment is received, your manual will be emailed to you with all course content, guided meditations, and other relevant materials. A short assessment is required to be completed at the end of the course. Once this task sheet is completed, email it back to your teacher for review. Once the Task sheet has been reviewed you will be provided with feedback and issued with a Certificate of Completion, via email.

Course content

In this self paced course we will cover the following topics:
• Embarking on a Spiritual Path
• Facing Fear, Doubt and lack of Self Worth
• How to Meditate
• Why Meditate – awareness of consciousness
• What is unconditional love?
• How to connect to Spiritual beings and Psychic energy
• Spirit Guides, Angels & Totem Animal Spirits
• Exploring your Psychic gifts (the 4 Clairs)
- Clairvoyance
- Clairaudience
- Claircognizance
- Clairsentinence (Empath)
• About Free Will
• Dreams
• How to perform Oracle Card readings
• Readings Tips & Advice
- After readings analysis
- Doubting and Questioning Messages
- Staying Grounded & Clearing Energy
- Handling Competitive Lightworkers
• How to Smudge
• How to use a Pendulum
• Introduction to Chakras
• Balancing the Chakras
• Introduction to the Aura
- The Auric layers
- How to see an Aura
- Aura colour meaning guide
Please note this is a general interest information course, intended for private use only. There is no formal qualification in practise attached to it.

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