Energy Healing

Workshops_compressedThis course Energy Healing Course outlines general information you need about:

  1. Being an energy healer
  2. How to channel healing and psychic energy,
  3. How to use spiritual healing tools and open your natural healing abilities, without the restriction of traditional training methods or beliefs.

Cost: $95

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Once payment is received, your manual will be emailed to you with all course content, guided meditations, and other relevant materials. A short assessment is required to be completed at the end of the course. Once this task sheet is completed, email it back to your teacher for review. Once the Task sheet has been reviewed you will be provided with feedback and issued with a Certificate of Completion, via email.

It fosters using your own intuitive guidance and enhancing that coupled with educating you in all aspects of general energy healing, yet encouraging you to go with your own flow in learning how to heal. Nobody has all the answers, nobody holds the keys to the best healing modality there ever was. All of them work, whether you learn a formal one or just do your own thing, relying on your gut to guide the way.
This course does not formally qualify you to practise professionally.

It is a general interest course only, but serves as a great way to explore energy healing and form a deeper understanding of its applications and how energy works. You can’t ever replace going along to an in-person healing workshop or simply channelling direct from the universe, however this course certainly allows you to explore your curiosity and expand on your own ability, and get you started in the comfort of your own home.

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