Crystal Therapy 2 - Practitioner

Crystal Therapy

This course qualifies you to practise Crystal Therapy professionally as a Crystal Therapy Practitioner, however becoming a professional is optional.  You may simply wish to do Level 2 for your own personal growth instead.

It is a pre-requisite requirement that the Jayde Rockwell Spiritual Development level 1 Crystal Therapy course has  been completed at least 14 days prior to commencing in the Level 2 practitioner course (either in-person or via correspondence.)

This Level 2 course qualifies the student to practise Crystal Therapy professionally upon completion. Therefore, the suitability of each intending student will be individually assessed by the Crystal Therapy Teacher Michelle McIntyre.

In addition to this workshop, if the student wishes to practise Crystal Therapy professionally, the student is required to conduct a minimum 4 hours additional self-paced practical training on both in-person and distance volunteers (i.e. a total of 4 volunteers) then document their findings and experiences and submit them to the teacher for discussion within a 2 month period. This is so the student gains valid experience in healing others, channelling energy and using crystals and crystal therapy, properly and regularly.

Course content included in this course:

  •  Advanced Chakra system: Introduction to the 12 main chakras
  •  Advanced chakra healing work using crystal pendulums
  •  Fine tuning your intuitive energy healing skills:
    • Using the 4 'clair' senses clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance in Crystal Therapy
    •  Using the power of intention, affirmations, beliefs, prayers
    •  Harnessing other healing energy frequencies
  •  Advanced Crystal Therapy techniques:
  •  Treating a Specific Ailment or Wound
  •  Creating a Crystal Grid
  •  Intuitive freedom Crystal Therapy
  •  Crystal Therapy for Spiritual Healing:
    •  Utilising supreme beings and other energy frequencies
  • How to perform distance Crystal Therapy treatments
  •  Session aftercare, including spiritual burn out, grounded truths
  • Charging money for your services
  • Practitioner safety, ethics and boundaries in professional practise
  • Client consent, privacy and confidentiality in professional practise
  • How to get recognition and insurance cover for your practitioner certification



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Pay As You Go Plan available for this course. Details provided upon application. 

This Crystal Therapy Advanced Practitioner course is an approved modality with IICT.

We are an Approved Training Provider for this course.

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