Crystal Therapy - Level 1

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This Level 1 Crystal Therapy course, is a general interest only course (non-professional), which covers basic knowledge about crystals and crystal healing foundations.

This course is approximately 12 hours duration to complete (self paced).

Level 1 is a prerequisite if you are wanting to go on and obtain Level 2 Crystal Therapy Practitioner certification. Level 2 will qualify you to practise Crystal Therapy professionally and gain insurance for your practise.

Content included in this Crystal Therapy Healer course includes:

  • What is Crystal Therapy and how Crystal Therapy works
  • Recognising subtle crystal energies
  • The history of Crystals - overview
  • Understanding basic energy healing
  • How crystals work
  • How crystals get their colour
  • Crystal shapes and cuts
  • Choosing crystals
  • Introduction to the healing properties of common crystals
  • Meditating with crystals (Audio meditation supplied)
  • The Aura : Introduction to the Aura system
  • The Chakra system: Introduction to the 7 main chakras
  • Healing with crystals by colour
  • How to conduct Crystal Therapy self-treatments
  • How to conduct Crystal Therapy treatments on others
  • How to conduct Crystal Therapy Aura and Chakra Balancing
  • How to cleanse crystals
  • How to recharge crystals
  • How to program crystals

Cost $95

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NOTE: Your manual will be emailed to you within 24 hours, once payment is received.


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