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Our motto "The Power Lies Within"

Jayde Rockwell Spiritual Development is Western Australia’s premier spiritual development centre focused on the sustainable healing of our clients. While other Wellness centres are busy creating wellness plans that are designed to last a lifetime, we are teaching effective Reiki and other healing modality methods that our clients can take with them to heal themselves. If you want to learn Reiki, enhance your spiritual development or enhance your psychic senses, contact us and let’s begin your journey today.


About Michelle

Michelle McIntyre





The Founder

Michelle McIntyre is a Transformative Healer, helping people stepping on a spiritual path, move closer to their authenticity and improve their lifestyle and business. Having practiced and mastered different healing modalities, she guides her clients to take the next step in their personal transformation with spiritual practices and individual energy alignment. Through healing, intuition and education, Michelle mentors soul centered healers, ready to incorporate additional healing methods in their practice and enrich their clients’ experience. She facilitates retreats and workshops on Reiki and other modalities, where her students benefit from her own self-transformation journey and profound knowledge, in the fields of spirituality and healing. She is an Ordained Minister.

She is passionate about the teachings and methods of Reiki and is a very knowledgeable Reiki Master/Teacher, with extensive experience healing people from all walks of life. Michelle, as is Jayde Rockwell Spiritual Development, is accredited with the IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists), in Australia and WMA (World Metaphysical Asssociation), in the USA.

My Story

Like everything good in life, Jayde Rockwell Spiritual Development started out from a personal passion. Michelle was developing a following, on her personal facebook page, of family and friends inspired by the inspirational and spiritual posts.

Michelle wanted to extend her passion to the public so she started a Facebook page, called The Blue Butterfly Healing Rooms, and everything grew from there.

Hidden behind her inspiring posts was her story. She was going through a dark period in her life where on the outside she was the bright and bubbly Michelle that everyone turned to for advice, and on the inside she had so much turmoil there were days when she felt like giving up.

On top that Michelle had a bad back injury where a nerve in her back had become so badly pinched that she had severe nerve pain down her entire left leg and was at risk of losing control of her bowel and bladder permanently.

She says "There were days when the agony and the turmoil became so bad that I wanted to give up. I would get up each day and “ask” the universe “what next”? I spent months feeling the victim and it wasn’t until one day I got up and said out loud to the Universe “no more, from today on there will be no more”.

She started writing positive affirmations on mirrors or anywhere she could see them. It wasn’t long before she started seeing things differently, looking at things from a different perspective and then things began to change.

She had been seeing a Reiki practitioner weekly, as it was the only form of pain relief that was helping her back. After the inevitable surgery she decided it was time for her to learn the wonderful healing modality of Reiki for herself. Studying through all three levels, was never not an option. She knew from the moment she began that she would go on to teach, and devoted any spare time researching and learning as much as she could.

Since completing her Reiki Masters, she went on to learn more and more, researched so much that her husband thought she was having a relationship with her laptop (lol) and endeavours to be the best she can be.


Jayde Rockwell Spiritual Development offers a wide range of professional Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing, Spiritual Development and other courses, designed for everyone from the beginner to the well-seasoned. On occasion, we offer scholarships for those who cannot afford our courses. It’s important to us to share these teachings and what we have learned with the world, and this is our way of giving back to create future harmony for all of us.

Contact Jayde Rockwell Spiritual Development

If you are interested in any of our workshops or courses and want to learn more, contact Michelle at Jayde Rockwell Spiritual Development today on 0411 488 040 or via email at: jayde.rockwell@yahoo.com.au.

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